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Pretty Purple Vibrating Dildo (ID: PPD812)

The Pretty Purple Dildo is our most popular dildo. This dildo is pliable and ribbed, and seven inches long, with a two inch diameter. This dildo is the perfect combination of stiff and soft.

Features: A firm yet fleshy dildo made from hygienically superior materials 7" by 1.5" item description

The Pretty Purple Dildo is our most popular dildo for a reason - well, for several reasons: The Pretty Purple Dildo is soft, pliable and ribbed for ultimate pleasure. The PP Dildo has a firm core, so it's stiff enough for fantastic penetration. But it also has a slight give and bend, so it can reach your G-spot with the turn of your wrist.

The Pretty Purple Dildo has a substantial base for either you or a partner to grab on to. It also features a suction cup, to stand up on its own for more versatile play.

The Pretty Purple Dildo measures in at seven inches long and has a 1.5 inch diameter. This is a great dildo to add to your collection, whether you're using it solo or during partner sex.

Price: Ksh.2,500

In Stock