Clitorific Vibrator

The Clitorific Vibrator was designed to be amazingly easy for a woman to use. The unique angled shape and flat head allow the maximum amount of pleasurable contact with a minimal effort.

The designer wanted to create a vibrator that women could use without a lot of trouble. The designer wanted to design a vibrator that would easily hit the right spot without a lot of bending, stooping or feeling around "down there."

The Clitorific Vibrator was designed to be easy for every woman to use regardless of skill, willingness to explore or flexibility.

From the looks of it, we'd say that the designer nailed it. Not only is the vibrator a brilliant idea, the satin metallic finish provides a smooth texture and intense sensation. It's also waterproof.

The Clitorific Vibrator is 7.5" long, with a shaft that is 0.75" wide and a head that is 1.2" wide. It uses 2 regular batteries.

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Ksh. 3,400