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Use in bath!

Fuck Me Silly Doll (ID: FMD389)

The Fuck Me Silly Doll is a men's sex toy that was made to mimic the look and feel of a woman's entire torso, from her breasts down to her pussy and ass.

The Fuck Me Silly Doll is made from realistic Fanta-Flesh, giving this sex toy a deliciously real feel.

The Fuck Me Silly Doll was made to use in a missionary-type position. It has a flat back, but features large 36DD breasts, a realistic vagina, and a realistic anus. Because you can use all three sexy parts as stroker masturbators, the Fuck Me Silly Doll is really three sex toys in one.

It comes with lube, toy cleaner, and special powder to make the doll's skin feel realistic. The Fuck Me Silly Doll also comes with an adult DVD.

Price: Ksh.3,900

In Stock