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Leaf Vitality Vibrator (ID: PLV224)

Women love the Leaf Vitality Vibrator because of its flexible shape, silicone finish, dual motors and unrelenting vibrations. This ultra-strong vibrator is quiet, luxurious and rechargeable. The premium Leaf Vitality Vibrator is one of our favorite vibrators.

The Leaf Vitality Vibrator is crafted into a unique shape, and is unlike any other vibrator we've seen. The Vitality Vibrator features two silky, flexible 'leaves' that reach up from the base of the vibrator and vibrate independently. You can use the powerful vibrating 'leaves' in many ways. Insert one in your vagina and place one on your clitoris for incredible blended orgasms. Try using the quaking leaves to surround and stroke your clitoris. Or spread the leaves apart to tease your vulva. Another way to use the Leaf Vibrator is to insert both 'leaves' in your vagina, letting one press up against your g-spot while the other presses down against the posterior wall, causing an amazing feeling of fullness and complete vibration. You can use this vibrator anywhere on your body, or with a lover.

The versatile Vitality Vibrator has multiple speeds, from soft to unrelenting, to tease you and please you in a myriad of ways. You'll feel the strong vibration over the entire surface of the waterproof Leaf Vitality Vibrator. Use one or both vibrating motors to achieve maximum pleasure.

The Vitality Vibrator is 7 inches long, with an insertable length of 5 inches. Each 'leaf' is approximately one inch in diameter.

Leaf Vibrators are environmentally friendly and contain rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The recyclable package contains one Vitality Vibrator, one charger, a storage pouch, and an instruction manual. Use the Leaf Vitality with water-based lubricant only.

Price: Ksh.9,500

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