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Use in bath!

Pumpy Pro Pussy (ID: PPP437)

PazuriPlace knows that professional pleasure seekers want their luxury accessories wherever they are.

Pumpy Pro Pussy aims to cater for all your worldly desires with a travel case packed with 9 amazing accoutrements.

When you go away, this deluxe set will become as essential as your toothbrush!

A Beginners Power Pump will beef up and lengthen your manhood and when you’re ready for more, the Fanta-Flesh pump topper sleeves offer vaginal, anal and oral satisfaction, having your member mistaking it for the real thing.

The addition of a fit any size cock ring will allow you to expand in to whichever areas you want and stay there!

Want to get a little wet and wild; this comprehensive set comes with lubricant and thickening cream as well as handy toy cleaner!

What more could the travelling man need.

Price: Ksh.6,000

In Stock